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              1. Minghao Lin, Naiyan Gan, Jun Chen, Kai Lv, Shengfu Han, Huazhen Huan Department of Cardiac Surgery, Yulin First People’s Hospital, Yulin, China Contributions: (I) Conception and design: All authors; (II) Administrative support: N Gan; (III) Provision of study materials or patients: All authors; (IV)...

                Heart Valve Replacement
                and Repair

                Valve Replacement
                Products Center

                Valve Repaire
                Products Center

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                Congenital Heart
                Disease Treatment

                CHDS Implanted
                Products Center

                Products Center

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                Soft tissue surgical repair

                Bio-surgical Soft-tissue
                Repair Products Center

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                The Sustainable Development

                The sustainable development management system. Sustainable development requires a very effective management system.

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                Investor Relations

                In order to realize the value maximization and stakeholders on maximizing shareholder value and protect investors interests.

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                About us

                Beijing Balance Medical Technology Co.,Ltd., established in March 2001, is engaged in high-end cardiovascular disease implanted devices and surgical soft tissue repair material design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and technical services for the integration of high-tech enterprises.

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